About Us

Caribay Dance Group debuts as the first group of Venezuelan folk dance in Melbourne in April 2013. It is a non-profit organisation whose main objective is to promote and convey interest in cultural values and traditions of this South American country. Acting as an artistic legacy for future Australian-Venezuelan generations through dance, sharing the joy of these beautiful dances showing how beautiful Venezuela is.


Promote and spread across the country a variety of traditional Venezuelan dance genres, enriching the cultural diversity present in Australia, in order to preserve our culture and build an artistic legacy for future generations.


Be the Venezuelan folk dance group most widely recognised in Australia, for their dedication to the spread and preservation of its roots, bringing a unique style and promoting the formation of future generations through the development of cultural programs and services of high quality.


  • Promote and transmit interest in Venezuelan customs and traditions in Australia, through Venezuelan folk dance.
  • Integrate the Venezuelan-Australian community in the preservation of Venezuelan roots.
  • Enjoy our beautiful folk dance and show Australians and other cultures that live in Melbourne, how beautiful Venezuela is.