Venezuela's Rhythm in Australia

Captivating Australia in the best Venezuelan style.

The Party starts with Caribay

Give a Venezuelan and Latin flavour to your next party, meeting or event.

Caribay Dance Group in Australia

We bring you a combination between modern and traditional Venezuelan dance.

Venezuela's Rhythm in Melbourne

We take Venezuelan culture to every corner.

Caribay Kids

Teaching our children to love our traditions.


Discover Venezuelan dances with our workshops.


Fill your next event with Latin and Venezuelan flavour.


Find out where and when is our next performance.


What People Are Saying

“With their colourful and beautifully made costumes all performers will look like they are floating in front of your eyes!

Rebecca Heart

Program Manager

“Caribay’s stunning performers will provide a spectacular floor show before getting your guests up to join in on the dancing fun.”

Helena Smith

Marketing Manager

“Thank you for being part of our event! We’ve received many positive comments about the day, parade and of course the performers!!!”

Cathy Harper

Online Communications Manager

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Calipso of El Callao

Calipso of El Callao

The origin of the Calipso of El Callao dates back to the time when the Antilleans arrived in Venezuela back in 1870. They were mainly Trinidadians who were the largest population in the African-American Caribbean, but they also migrated from other Caribbean Caribbean...

Venezuelan Drums

Venezuelan Drums

The drums in Venezuela are a musical expression that has its origin in the African slaves that were established mainly by the coasts of the country, brought by the Spanish colonizers. In this way, religious practices and African traditions merged to mold a mixture of...

San Pedro Parranda

San Pedro Parranda

San Pedro festivity begins mid-nineteenth century as a mockery of the political struggle between liberals and conservatives. Painting their faces in black with shoe polish and dressed in frock coat and top hat accompanied by cuatro and maracas. The most striking...